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Free Blood Pressure Checks

At Soul Pattinson we offer FREE Blood Pressure Checks, available every day, in store, no appointment required.

Quick and simple, the test itself takes no longer than 5 minutes, plus a 10 minute resting period before the test to ensure the reading is accurate. The test is done by a Pharmacist, or trained Pharmacy Assistant using an automatic pressure cuff, once placed around your upper arm the machine inflates the cuff, it compresses against the brachial artery, momentarily stopping blood flow. Next, air in the cuff is slowly released while the person performing the monitors an electronic readout.

Most people that experience high blood pressure have no symptoms and feel well, however if left unchecked serious issues can develop over time.
Your blood pressure can be influenced by things such as exercise, weight, family history and eating habits.

When was the last time you had your blood pressure checked?

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